How we began

CMNL Academy began their journey under the roof of Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL in 1999. Formerly known as the CHP School of Hospitality, CMNL academy is proud to be the first Club managed Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in NSW.

As an RTO registered by the Australian Skills Quality Authority, we are approved to deliver Nationally Recognised Vocational Training.

In the early days, our team dedicated their time to delivering accredited hospitality training to increase skill levels and further career pathways within clubs. That evolved into the introduction of Traineeships in Hospitality operations to Clubs across the Inner West and Canterbury-Bankstown regions.

This success then developed into a strong network of businesses seeking training and development for their people.

23 years strong and we are proud to still be the only Club owned registered training organisation (RTO) in New South Wales.

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Where we are now

we are now

We have helped over 10,000 people successfully attain certified training, with numerous students returning to continually develop their skills.

CMNL Academy now has a wide range of nationally accredited courses in Hospitality, Leadership and Management, Commercial Cookery and more.

We continue to showcase our training through our own people across all our hospitality venues. From traineeships, existing worker traineeships, apprenticeships to customised leadership training, our staff are a product of career development.

we have helped

Our long and trusted relationships with various job service agencies allows us to cater specific training needs to assist job seekers. Whether they are new to the country, or are looking to return back into the workforce, we continue to see the need in supporting the wider community to provide quality training that leads to successful careers in the industry.

Our relationship extends to senior colleges and other specialised educational institutions, where our trainers spend time, not only educating, but supporting the students to gain confidence and the skills they are seeking to gain employment and independence.

Who we have helped
CMNL - Connect

CMNL is dedicated to community partnerships, initiatives and improving the wellbeing of the communities we serve.

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Club grants

Today, we proudly work with over 50 schools, providing hospitality training for years 10, 11 and 12. We believe that community is the heart of what we do, and educating our future stars is a legacy we continue to showcase.

Through our ClubGrants initiative, we have provided financial support to our local schools for as long as we have been an RTO.

That financial support is offered by way of scholarships and nationally accredited courses through CMNL Academy.

CMNL - Careers

At CMNL, our philosophy is simple – willingness, ability, teamwork and trust (WATT) makes you a STAR.

Career Pathways

No matter what life path an individual has taken and is living, we always see an opportunity to develop careers. Our training has provided thousands of individuals with the confidence to gain employment.

Many students have returned to increase their skills and knowledge through our management courses and we have seen the success of those courses as the individuals apply for that ‘next big gig’.

We are proud to have supported, educated and encouraged all of our students to take that next step and develop their career.

Many of our STARS who work with us today are a result of CMNL Academy and the education provided.

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What people are saying

CMNL Academy has been a great gateway into the industry and an opportunity for the individuals living in and around the Wollondilly Shire area to undergo the training. Here they will be able to see professional hospitality operations in practise whilst undergoing their training.

Our jobseekers look forward to the opportunity to participate in further training via a traineeship/apprenticeship to complete their full qualification in hospitality as a career path once securing employment. We look forward to growing our partnership with CMNL Academy

The support, training and outcomes provided by CMNL Academy ensures we acquire the talent required knowing these courses are being provided by a trusted and well reputable training organisation.

We seeked CMNL Academy to provide us with customised Customer Service Training to our current managers. The trainers at CMNL Academy dedicated their time to create bespoke learning that also aligned to our values and working models. As a result, our staff gained insight into leadership and management through a new lens and we saw improvements in overall performance and most importantly, leadership.